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12/16/2018  Cheltenham X-Mas (VFW Glenside) Notes: Christmas Party 2018
10/16/2018  RoxeyBallet_jpg (Roxey Ballet, Lambertville, NJ) Notes: Dracula Ballet
8/28/2018  Derek Gannon Head Shots (Studio) Notes: Head Shots
7/29/2018  Tom Jones 072918 (Wilson Park Radnor) Notes: Tom Jones Famil Portraits
6/21/2018  Bruno Giannini 062118_Processed (Fisher's ParkLansdale) Notes: Night at the Movies
6/19/2018  Christ Home Ribbon Cutting 061918 (Christ Home,Warrington, PA) Notes: Christ Home Ribbon Cutting
5/24/2018  Big Brothers Big Sisters 052418 JPEG (Rose Bank Winery) Notes: Big Brother Big Sister
5/20/2018  Lanza Portraits 052018 (Wilson Park, Wayne) Notes: Lanza Family Portraits
4/14/2018  PJ Walsh Birthday 041418 (Uptown Night Club) Notes: PJ Birthday Bash
3/13/2018  Model Sarah Long (Studio) Notes: Red Ball Gala Adv
3/10/2018  Brook Vorona 031018 PAK (Cedar Hill Country Club)
11/12/2017  Michelle MacNamara 111217 JPEG (Graeme Park) Notes: Family Portraits
9/1/2017  Dodson Album 090117 (Lionsgate, LaFayette, Colordo) Notes: Wedding of Cortney and Dan
6/13/2017  Deb Dixon Portrait 061317 (Studio) Notes: Deborah Dixon Portrait
5/21/2017  Timber Edge Show 052117 12am-2pm (Horsham, PA) Notes: Timber Edge Show
4/27/2017  Trudys Birthday 042217 (Arde Osteria) Notes: Simpson Birthday Bash
4/22/2017  Trudy Simpson Album (Arde Osteria) Notes: Simpson Birthday Bash
3/20/2017  Haydel Reunion 112416 (Hilton, Ft Washington) Notes: Haydel Birthday
1/30/2017  Morningstr81@icloud.com
12/28/2016  lsonlin@ctiworkplace.com (Talamore Counbtry Club)
12/3/2016  Karate Picture Day 120316 (Bensalem) Notes: Black Belt Karate
11/24/2016  Haydel Birthday 112416 (Ft Washington) Notes: Drs Nin and Belmont Birthday
8/31/2016  Gallagher Family Photos_8-12-16 (Wildwood, NJ) Notes: Gallagher Beach Portraits
8/20/2016  Bredell Wedding 082916 (Celebrations) Notes: Bredell Wedding
8/20/2016  Bredell Wedding 082916 (Celebrations) Notes: Bredell Wedding
8/14/2016  Ryan-Katie Engagement 081416_Edited (Philadelphia, PA) Notes: Katie and Ryan Engagement
5/24/2016  Nicole Mendez (Versatile Event Photography) Notes: Quinceanera
4/18/2016  Gallagher 041616 (Studio) Notes: Advertising Campaign
4/8/2016  Nate Gordon (School of Champions) Notes: AMAT ACADEMY
3/23/2016  Scott Slobotkin (Studio) Notes: Scott Slobotkin Exc Portrait
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